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Paving, concrete, excavation and people are our passions. Luckily we get to work with all of these and we are happy to show them off to you below. Check out our recent projects and the people who make our jobs a success.

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Roller Compacted Concrete
3D Laser Screed Concrete
Site Concrete
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Roller Compacted Concrete
3D Laser Screed Concrete
Site Concrete
Why Work With Us

You have a lot of choices when you choose to partner with someone to perform work on your project. Your expectation for that team is that they can perform the work competently, complete it on time and do what they say they will do. We call this RELIABILITY. Our team is always growing and building ourselves better than the last day, however we pride ourselves in the "can do it" attitude. No matter what it takes, we will get it done.

Roller compacted concrete

Roller compacted concrete is one of our specialties. We pride ourselves in providing this durable and eco-friendly solution to paving.

3D Laser screed concrete

Through our advanced laser screeds, we are capable of creating the most smooth and flat concrete surfaces. If your specifications call for perfectly flat concrete with the smallest amount of variations, give us a call.

Site concrete

We provide a wide variety of site concrete. Whether that's paving curbs, structures, side walks, walls, or any other project that requires concrete, we are all in!

Excavation / Grading
Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is often a requirement on most projects nowadays. This is also something you want to get right the first time. We are that crew that does it right the first time.


Our demolition teams can dismantle and dispose of just about anything. Recycling concrete to removing large structures and buildings.

Excavation / Grading

Heavy Road Industries is skilled in any civil construction grading and excavation projects. Large or small, companies call us because we love the challenge of any scale project.

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