Heavy Road's History
Heavy Road's History
October 25, 2021

David Cruce grew up working for his fathers grading and paving company located in the foothills of Yosemite National Park. David learned real fast what hard work and determination meant. Starting as a laborer and learning the ropes of how the business ran, he soon moved up to running projects at the age of 18 during the day and estimating for his father at night.

David immersed himself in the businesses and wanted to better the company through his hard work. When David turned 20 he started a new path with a company doing the same field in Fresno, CA. Starting out operating paving machines, David quickly moved up into the office as dispatch and Project Engineer. Through the years, David learned and worked his way up the ranks with a few other companies until he decided the industry needed something new.

David started Cruco Construction in 2006. With intentions on furthering a commercial paving company, plans changed with the relationships in the Caltrans market. This is where they would spend the next four years, working for various Caltrans projects across the state. The business had its down time with the economy and around 2010 was closed. David went to work again for CC Myers and Paprich Construction. He spent the next 8 years at Paprich and that is where he learned about Mining, Aggregates and asphalt products.

In 2016 the beginning stages of a new vision began. Heavy Road & Rail began. Heavy Road became passionate about roller compacted concrete and concrete paving.

Today, the newly rebranded Heavy Road Industries begins its major growth as California keeps expanding its infrastructure throughout the state. Heavy Road Industries focuses now on educating its clients in the uses of concrete instead of asphalt. Concrete is much more eco friendly, durable, longer lasting and will ultimately cost less over the long term.

If you would like to learn more about the journey of Heavy Road Industries, please reach out!

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